Why You Need an Editor

As a writer, there is nothing more important than the authenticity of your words. Between all the competing things we hear in our world today it is important for Christians to communicate truthfully, lovingly, and boldly. So, whatever your project is, I know that a second pair of eyes will transform your reader’s experience.

Rather than relying on spell-check and hoping for the best, writers need equipped, passionate editors to:

  • Flag grammatical, spelling, and usage errors that conceal the quality of work

  • Assist in fostering clear, concise revisions to enhance language and readability

  • Ensure consistency, shore up the structural issues, and abide by vital style rules

  • Enrich the overall work with respect to the flow, structure, and tone of the piece

  • Communicate necessary changes to create positive connections with readers

In today’s competitive world, authors, ministries, businesses, nonprofits, and others are more aware than ever of their need to have a professional editor review their work. Whether your material needs a good polish before submission, posting, or printing OR it is still in the development stage, all materials benefit immensely from professional editing.