• Bekah Brewer

Christ, My Home

I am moving for the 18th time in 10 years. That’s right I said – 18 times! I know, I know. It happens a lot.

Sometimes I tease my brother that he has these certain catchphrases he says a lot and, unfortunately, I think this would be mine: “I’m moving again.” It’s all been for various reasons and seasons and I’ve grown a TON through all the chapters of my story, and I’m excited for this next chapter! Thankfully, I’m just moving a few miles away and I'm glad to be right in cute little downtown Franklin, TN!

As I get ready for yet another move, I wanted to take a moment to reflect and tell you the two biggest lessons I’ve learned from moving so much: 1) God doesn’t change, no matter if my address or situation does, and 2) I take the same Bekah with me to the new address and new situation. In some ways, the first statement seems hopeful, while the other not so much, but I actually would argue that is not the case. In fact, I believe they go hand in hand. You see, God has shown me over the last 29 years that He IS faithful – through it all. I have often forgotten this fact, but He is faithful even still. He never leaves nor forsakes me - it's His promise (Deuteronomy 31:6). His character and feelings about me never sway. I believe all my various moves have been a tool of His to shape and mold me into more of His image. In many ways, they have pried me away from earthly things and made me long for my heavenly home. They have also shown me that I can find God anywhere. He is the same God of Ohio, as He is of Kentucky, South Carolina, and Tennessee! The thing is this, I have lived in 4 states in 29 years and have had a lot of different addresses, but because of this, I have known and felt that God IS and always will be my Home. FACTS. And on to the second statement… as a self-proclaimed Enneagram 7 personality type, I very much like variety and change. That is why in some ways, I have liked moving because it has kept things interesting! But on the other side of the coin, my 7-ness can easily lead me to believe that it will all be better at the next place. My futuristic thinking can tempt me to not be present where my two feet are and to have a false sense that all my problems will just go away with a new address. Well, as I have seen many times, that is not the case. The reality is, I have taken the same me to every new address, but at the same time I have not. I believe it is true what Max Lucado says: He loves me right where I am, but He also loves me too much to let me stay that way. As I said, God has molded my heart anew in every place I have lived. Because of the people, the jobs, the struggles, and the joys of different living spaces, I have become a deeper disciple. Not perfect, just deeper in my knowledge of Christ. Deeper in my need for Him. Deeper in understanding that He brings perfect Peace - no matter my external circumstances may be. That is why, as I approach this next move this weekend, I am already praying over it -- asking God for more healing, more rooted wisdom, more life-giving community, and more experience of Christ Himself as my Home. I want to know Him and make Him known more as a result of this move. My prayer is that He would help me leverage this new place and season as another tool to be used for the sake of the gospel. And if you are moving or entering a new season yourself, I pray the same for you! Let God be your Peace and your Home – nothing else!

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