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Happy Birthday GraceWorks!

When I first moved to Nashville one year ago this month, I initially moved with a marketing job, but that role fell through right before I officially moved. I was confident. I thought I would find a job quickly and be on my way – but alas that was not the case.

After several part-time and temp jobs, I was desperate and could NOT even pay my rent. At 28, I was broke – both financially and in spirit. After getting help over the first few months from my church, family, and friends…I was out of options. So…I found myself there weeping at the end of the service at Church of the City – Franklin. I didn’t know what I was going to do or where my help was going to come from. I was running out of hope! I believed in the Lord, but I also just needed to pay my rent and be able to eat.

As God would have it in His sovereignty, I “just so happened” to sit next to the CEO of GraceWorks Ministries, Valencia Breckenridge, at that church service. What a blessing! She could see the tears streaming down my face and chose not to look away. No, instead, she wrapped me up in a big hug – don’t worry, it was pre-COVID— and prayed over me. Then she told me she wanted to see me that next week over at GraceWorks. Having only lived here just a few months, I didn’t even know what GraceWorks Ministries was, but I was so desperate, I just showed up, hoping for hope!

And I am SO glad I did!

They were able to help me pay my rent and gave me a cart full of food that day. But more importantly, I was given HOPE that day! Hope came through to my heart from the way the staff and volunteers treated me. I felt like I understood that day what Hagar knew – I had indeed had an encounter with “the God who sees me” (Genesis 16)!

And the awesome part of my GraceWorks story is that now I get to work here! A few weeks later after that initial neighbor meeting, Alicia Bell, the Director of Development reached out to me about a job opening they had recently posted. I looked it over, prayed about it, and applied. I started as her Development Assistant a few weeks later (in December of 2019), and it has been a whirlwind and a blessing ever since. From meeting amazingly generous donors to overwhelming birthday blessings to my team walking alongside me through my mom’s recent cancer diagnosis, I have experienced the hope of Heaven at this place.

We are still growing and changing every day (especially as we navigate COVID-19), but I tell you what, I have seen miracle after miracle happen here and I know that God is in the place. As a staff, we simply show up as neighbors serving our neighbors, aiming to come alongside people who are struggling – for the sake of the gospel!

So why do I give to GraceWorks? Because this ministry made a HUGE impact in my life initially as a neighbor, and now I get to make a HUGE impact on other neighbors’ lives as a volunteer, staff member, and donor!

If you’d like to join me in celebrating GraceWorks' 25th birthday and help me meet my personal fundraising goal of $500, then please click the link below and make sure to put my name, “Bekah Brewer” in the dedication line so that I can track how much my friends and family have raised together.

Also, here's the video version of this testimony blog in case you are interested :)

Here is the direct link to give:

Happy Birthday GraceWorks! So happy to be here!


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